Saturday, November 15, 2014


oh my I haven't wrote anything since before my birthday!
well for my birthday my awesome hubby took me and Levi up to North Dakota to see my dad... for those who don't know i'm kinda a daddy's girl so that was the best gift he could have gotten me besides a million dollars ;) Here are some pictures from our trip
waiting for our ride to the airport 

I brought everything on the plane to keep him distracted including messy snacks 

some one was tiered!

Levi and Grandpa... Levi hadn't seen my dad in over 5 months and wasn't exactly sure what to think about this man holding him

the whole ride home Levi just stared at Grandpa.. it was hilarious

He was happy to see his bubbas tho

He decided Grandpa was alright after the ice cream lunch at McDonald 

Isaac, Josh, Kalab and I went bowling for my birthday... the disco lights made the pictures come out weird 

The cake i made since i had missed my dads birthday 2 weeks before our visit

The only thing better than lunch with grandpa was the chicken nugget boxes!!!

saying goodbye...getting ready to fly back home 

sleeping on moms lap... flying was just too much to handle 

Guess who came back home with me!!???

we like having our bubba here!!

more recent news levi has learned how to wave, say Dad and give kisses!!

he likes driving his car

untill next time :)

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