Saturday, November 15, 2014


oh my I haven't wrote anything since before my birthday!
well for my birthday my awesome hubby took me and Levi up to North Dakota to see my dad... for those who don't know i'm kinda a daddy's girl so that was the best gift he could have gotten me besides a million dollars ;) Here are some pictures from our trip
waiting for our ride to the airport 

I brought everything on the plane to keep him distracted including messy snacks 

some one was tiered!

Levi and Grandpa... Levi hadn't seen my dad in over 5 months and wasn't exactly sure what to think about this man holding him

the whole ride home Levi just stared at Grandpa.. it was hilarious

He was happy to see his bubbas tho

He decided Grandpa was alright after the ice cream lunch at McDonald 

Isaac, Josh, Kalab and I went bowling for my birthday... the disco lights made the pictures come out weird 

The cake i made since i had missed my dads birthday 2 weeks before our visit

The only thing better than lunch with grandpa was the chicken nugget boxes!!!

saying goodbye...getting ready to fly back home 

sleeping on moms lap... flying was just too much to handle 

Guess who came back home with me!!???

we like having our bubba here!!

more recent news levi has learned how to wave, say Dad and give kisses!!

he likes driving his car

untill next time :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Construction zone

As I mentioned in my earlier post we have bought our very own little trailer… not too little it’s a double wide with 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms built in the 70s. When we first started looking at trailers I thought there is no way I am living in one of those things, then I saw this one. It was dirty probably smelly and ugly but I could see past it all. The bedrooms were spacious, the master bath was gorgeous with a corner shower and TWO separate vanities both with its own sink which meant I would get my very own J the dining and living room had big, beautiful, open beams and with windows big enough to let all the morning sun in I finally started imagining I could settle into this little house.

There were a couple hiccups with the buying process on the property managements part (nobody seemed to know who was in charge). A couple times I thought we were going to have to start looking different places and even more times I wanted to strangle some folks but it all worked out and we finally were able to call it ours. That’s when the real work started. We (mostly josh and his dad) ripped out the entire kitchen.

EVERYTHING went into the dump: the cabinets, the sink, the garbage disposal, the linoleum that was on the floor, thankfully even the little creatures hiding behind the old appliances went out with the garbage. After that we started on the dining room. The people who fixed up the trailer so we could somewhat move in had put carpet in the dining room and entry way so we had to rip it up along with the padding and tack strips. The only problem about working there was our little house had no AC! Grandpa Dick and Grandma Barbra were awesome and let us borrow their commercial size fan!! After all that hard work we called it quits for the weekend. Over the next couple of weekends we (josh and his Dad mostly) fixed the kitchen piping, gas, put in new kitchen cabinets, counter tops, toilets and sinks. During the week me and Krystal would come by and paint. I can proudly say I have painted every wall in my house (I never want to do it again though).

 Josh, dad, mom and Jason helped put in brand new tile flooring and grouted it.
 the puppy really likes the tile floor

 We finally officially moved in once we put in the AC’s in. The first night in our very own place felt absolutely amazing. Looking around knowing you had a little bit to do with everything you see makes you feel very proud.

josh put brand new doors in for me. the old ones were rickety and i was afraid some one could brake in now look at them lol

Jaired and Andrea spent the weekend with us and we put them to work too J they helped us move some more stuff over, paint some more, install the TV and wire it all in. Thank you guys I finally have couches now!

We have since put up our fence and grass is now growing.

I am so proud of my little house! There are still a few odds and ends that need to be finished. Plus this doesn't even do justice to the amount of work and time my husband and family has put into it but it sure has come a long ways. I tried giving every one credit where it was due, and I am so very thankful for all the help and support along the way we are so very blessed!! I’ll have to do another update once it is all the way finished, but for now it looks like it is bedtime at the Wilcox residents

Until next time…